Exhibition at Prefecture Yamaguchi Museum of Art and AIAV, Akiyoshidai International Art Village

Prefecture Yamaguchi  Museum of Art, Yamaguchi

"Touch me, listen to me",  color paper stripes, audio installation, outside the museum, Yamaguchi 2000
View into  exhibition room no 1

"Next to each other and passing, Yamaguchi", electric cables, pluggs and  hooks, 2000

"Tens", garbage can, cable, stone, New York 1988
"People's exchange", photo cut outs, gaze, glass, wood, Yamaguchi 2000

"drawings", paper, bag, strings, guard, Yamaguchi 2000

"Nature Morte" shoe, shoe laces, porcelan rose, push pins, New York 1994

"comme ci, comme ca", video, Melbourne 1998

"Falls" video, Zimbabwe 1999

View into Room no 2

"Return to reality" straws, photos, push pins, 2000

"Joint Venture II" suitcase, paper, drawings, artificial flowers, letters, newspaper, small furniture, Haifa 1995

"united society" carbon paper , drawings, typing, Berlin 1992

"Woman,man, children and dogs" digitla prints, Stockholm 1997

"living II" wine glass, red ink, oxygen pump, Yamaguchi 2000

"apple talk" apple, video, London 1996

"living,loving and doing", photos,video,colors,clothe line, Lusaka/Zambia and Gävle/Sweden 1999

"We meet in Yamaguchi", 15 films done in Yamaguchi with the people of Yamaguchi, 2000

"Key drawings",  donated keys, red strings, metall sheets with color, Yamaguchi 2000

AIAV, Akiyoshidai International Art Village

"Restaurant Mes Amis" Mosquito and Fish
interactive food and drink installation for 50 invited guests with performes, sculptures and others.